Current Projects

TOXIC RELATIONSHIP — A  thriller with a humorous twist set in the Hill Country of Texas.  The first installment in the Nick Sibelius series to be published by Champagne Books, August 2012

Nick Sibelius, moves to the small Texas town of Pflugerville, turned Austin suburb, to set up a private investigation business, find some peace and maybe, himself, after a murdered partner, a cheating wife and a lost job in Houston.  When a young couple disappears and a bass fisherman turns up dead, he finds himself drawn into a web of toxic relationships: MaryLou, a beautiful woman with a mysterious past, Junior, a failed farmer whose best intentions seem to always result in a dead body, and Barry, a sociopathic dentist turned illegal toxic waste and methamphetamine entrepreneur with visions of grandeur.  When the felon who killed his partner in Houston joins forces with Barry, Nick must not only stop the toxic waste dumping while finding his client’s missing daughter, but keep from being killed in the process. In the end, MaryLou’s dark secret will either help him or kill him — whichever comes first.

DIRTY WATER — the second installment in the Nick Sibelius series. Completed first draft.

Business is slow for Nick’s private investigation firm, but a client, wealthy land developer Dan Hoyt appears just in time when someone vandalizes his beloved Ferrari.  What should have been an open and shut case, soon leads to more questions than answers, as Nick untangles a knot of visions, desires and greed.  H2O is scarce in the State of Texas and Nick discovers that water is, indeed, a dirty business.

INKER WAR: THE FIVE PENS OF JOHANNE — a Young Adult fantasy novel currently writing first draft. First in a series of INKER WAR novels.

When nineteen year old Ethan Adlar inherits his father’s role as an Inker, a member of a secret society of alchemists fighting an ancient war across the centuries to protect the future from history, he discovers that to defeat his enemy and save present Reality, he must learn the most difficult of all Inker lessons–you must die to live, and as often as possible.

SHAPER EMERGENCE— a science fiction novel. 2010 Winner for Science Fiction, Writer’s League of Texas. Completed first draft

Roger Peterson lives a normal life in Austin, Texas until one day his reality fragments and an intergalactic mentor named Sam turns up with a startling revelation.  Roger is actually a Shaper, a genetically programmed tool, developed by a now bankrupt interstellar corporation to customize planetary experiences for vacationing clients across the galaxy. But when three nefarious organizations, including the Galactic Business Council, get wind of a Shaper on Earth, they all close in on Roger for self-serving purposes. He must marshal his still-awkward powers to save the love of his life, avoid his own assassination, and prevent a nuclear catastrophe.  All at the same time.

  1. spench01 says:

    Looking forward to reading them all.

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