The 777 Challenge

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Creativity, Novel
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Cathy Coburn tagged me for a little thing called the 777 challenge.  I will post seven lines from page seven of a work in progress and then tag seven other writers. Because I’ve never been good at coloring inside the lines, I’m changing this up a bit.  How about the first seven lines of the work or seven lines from page seven.  I want to introduce you to some great writers, so I’m tagging them and I’ll leave it up to them if they want to post some lines.  But do follow the links to their blogs or websites.

Brian Braden

Rachel Walsch

Kati Thomson

Melanie Martilla

Tara Sheets

Nikki Andrews

Julie Eberhart Painter

Here are the first 7 lines from a YA fantasy I’m currently writing called INKER WAR: THE FIVE PENS OF JOHANNE

Sure, we die; we always die, but this time something’s gone wrong. Our algorithms pointed to the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria in 642 AD. Ryan and I Inked into the consciousness of the right people 1369 years in ancient Egypt’s past. We stole the Al Chemeia papyrus scrolls for their alchemical formulas. Our plan should be working without a hitch. Instead I’ve got a very large Islamic warrior in a fighting tunic covered in blood and dirt, yelling at me in a voice, oddly reminiscent of 20th century New Jersey.

“Stop, Inkah’s.”

  1. Cathy Coburn says:

    A YA fantasy huh? Sounds interesting Richard. Best of success with all your works!!

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